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We remove cobwebs from old books.

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Read this first!!!

The V.Z.W. Geschiedkundige Heruitgeverij (Historical re-editings) is a non-for-profit organisation which was founded to promote studies about local history and genealogy. One way to reach this goal is to re-edit old printed and hand-written books and documents.

We are focusing on the province of East-Flanders (Belgium) in general and on its capital city Ghent specially. Some of the books that we have re-edited are important for the whole of Flanders.

Even if you don't live in East-Flanders nor in Belgium our pages may be very interesting for you. Maybe one of your ancestors is mentioned in one of our books (this will interest the genealogists) or some decisions which were made at Ghent can have their importance for your city or your country (this for the historians among you).

Of all the books that we are re-editing we make a very extensive index in which you will find all the names of persons and places which are mentioned in the book. These indices can be seen on the net. When you click on a title you will see the contents and the index of the book concerned.

Our concept is unique in this sense that you never have to buy a complete book, you can buy the page(s) or the chapter(s) that have your special interest. In this way you can purchase much really relevant information at a very cheap price. However, we sell our books both on paper and as ebook. See our pricelist. When ordering loose pages, also buy the page before and the page after the page that has your attention, in this way you will not loose the context.

Here you will never have the frustrating feeling that you cannot purchase a book with some very interesting pages because the whole book is to expensive.

Here you can buy books, but you can make them yourself also!!!

What do we offer ?

All our books and documents are printed on strong paper of 80 g/m2.

Entire books are finished as "paperbacks", when you order loose pages or chapters we offer you free the title page of the book from which they come. From now on, we will only send loose pages as ebooklet.

Ebooks are in PDF-format, you can read them with your internetbrowser. See our pricelist.

How to order ?
Send us an  with your address and an enumeration of the documents that you want (when ordering loose pages, please note the pagenumbers well).
Calculate the price and pay this amount on our account number 001-3116036-84 (BNP-Parisbas at Ghent - Belgium).
As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you the documents you ordered.
For international payments from inside the Euro-zone you will need our IBAN-code (BE03 0013 1160 3684) and our BIC-code (GEBABEBB).
Please contact us before doing payments from outside the Euro-zone.


When ordering entire books you pay per page only 0,07 euro. The price of each book is mentioned next to its table of contents, so you don't have to calculate.

Loose pages only cost 0,10 euro.

For ebooks you only pay 0,03 euro per page and collections cost even less, for our collections of ebooks you only pay 0,02 euro per page. See also our price list.

Per order we have to charge 4 euro for handling and shipping charges to people who live within the euro-zone, people who live outside of the euro-zone have to pay 8 euro. For orders of ebooks we charge no shipping and handling costs.

We are legally obliged to tell you that you have the right to try our books for 7 days, and if you are not satisfied, to send them back without any cost for you. However we will ask you not to make use of this right. As a non-for-profit organisation we work only to cover our costs and we are not able to bear the expenses this right would cause.

Our Catalogue.
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If you want to be informed when we edit new books, please send us an and we will send you a mail each time we edit a new book.

Search our site.
Thanks to Google you can search the indices of all our pagesb, click here.

Our addresses.
Our internetaddress : www.heruitgeverij.be/english.htm
Our emailaddress : heruitgeverij@skynet.be
Our postal address : V.Z.W. Geschiedkundige Heruitgeverij,
Gustaaf Callierlaan 44, 9000 Gent, Belgium.